Nembrini Consulting SA mainly deal with business consulting for private companies and public institutions, established in Switzerland and beyond.
Thanks to the longstanting experience of our past activities we have an excellent network of contacts in all areas, allowing us to offer our customers a highly professional and fast service, with an excellent cost-performance ratio.

We started operating mainly in the southern area of Switzerland and in northern Italy, and then we expanded quite rapidly our activities across Europe (Belgium, the Netherlands, the UK) and globally (UAE, US). We have now strong business and institutional contacts and international relations that facilitate the development and expansion of business of our client around the world.

We work in close relationship and solid C-level executives of banks, insurance companies, consulting firms, law firms and notaries, engineering and architecture firms. In addition, we are the trusted partner to cantonal and federal institutions at Swiss level, and we know how to work with the EU institutions in Brussels, to ensure the best service on time and on budget,  starring the highest Swiss quality.




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